Client Overview

The Precast Group of companies includes Central Precast, MCON Products and Utility Structures Ltd. These companies offer an extensive line of products for the municipal, architectural, home building industry and residential customer. The products range from precast landscape pavers, utility products, concrete pipe, manholes, concrete poles, steps, barriers and architectural panels.

The Precast Group of Companies are the largest and most diversified producers of precast concrete products in Ontario, supplying all facets of the construction industry.

The Challenge

Running multiple manufacturing facilities across the province requires stringent cost controls. As the company grew and expanded into new markets, it became increasingly difficult to oversee and control the costs in operations.

Each expansion required heavy investments in new buildings and plant infrastructure. Staffing costs also were increasing dramatically and it was becoming more difficult for management to control the various parts of the company they had built out over the years. They needed better financial control over operations.

The Solution

Beckard Associates implemented Masterworks Wholesale Distribution and Account Software Systems for centralized management and control of all operations within the Precast Group of Companies. Full-scale distribution operations were created within each of the independent operating entities of the three precast group of companies. This allowed each unit to act independently and focus on its core market and customer base. We then tied all the financial reporting to a centralized base for top management in Ottawa.

The Results

Management now has a clear and detailed view of the financial health of each of the operational units across the province. Head office has full financial control of investments and expenses for each unit within the organization. All income and expense activity is processed centrally with key accounting staff able to manage the operations with-in the large and diverse group of companies.

Key Benefits

  • Strict cost controls on expenses, inventory build-up and waste reduction through centralized planning and review of each operation.
  • Better ability to plan investments into each company within the Precast Group.
  • Partner companies remain focused on sales and customer needs. The head office can focus on overall growth strategies for the Precast Group.

The Masterworks solution has created a controlled environment to grow the business. As economic and market focus change, the centralized operation can push strategies to respond rather than simply react to the effects of these fluctuations. This results in a more stable and forecasted growth within the Precast Group of companies.