Masterworks Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales tools assists your salespeople and your marketing efforts to:

  • Bring in new leads and maintain existing customer relationships
  • Leverage market opportunities with op-in email campaigns to customers and prospects
  • Increase sales and market share using quotes that turn into orders
  • Lock out the competitors with pricing contracts for key accounts

Customer is Key

Masterworks keeps track of your customer details by maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on:

  • Purchasing habits such as frequencies, type of orders, quantities, and how they place their order
  • Key data (e.g. people, number of offices, credit limits, preferred ship via)

With our CRM, you can predict and influence customer purchasing decisions, including up-sales during order entry by showing staff complementary products during the order cycle.

Product Analysis

Masterworks helps you to succeed in selling products and reduce inventory levels by keeping track of:

  • Product life cycles
  • Frequency of product sales
  • Seasonal issues
  • Complimentary products and kitting
  • Other environmental issues

Sales Analysis

Masterworks incorporates crucial tools that enable you to evaluate sales performance as well as to forecast future sales. These tools are required to understand where new leads are coming from and how they will effect your purchasing criteria and inventory levels.

Pricing Systems

Masterworks enables distributors to coordinate their pricing strategies with yours. This ensures that all customers are given correct and current pricing information.

Marketing Management

It is the responsibility of management to understand the complexities of the product, pricing and customer issues. They must also ensure that pro-active marketing objectives and strategies are set, implemented and achieved. Masterworks provides management with accurate analysis to make decisive plans on:

  • Acceptable product life cycles
  • Structured pricing systems
  • Accurate sales forecasts
  • Understanding their customer desires