A complete set of financial management tools integrated into your warehouse distribution software system. The financial management system includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger reporting and allows you to drill down into the data.

Screens are rich with hundreds of reporting and charting tools, so that you and your staff understand the numbers.

Accounts Payable

Masterworks ensures that you take an active approach in managing your cash:

  • Work-flow driven payment processing
  • Obtain cash requirement reports and determine payments that are due
  • Record, print and reconcile recurring payments, manual payments and electronic cheques and cash transfers
  • Evaluate and forecast cash requirements with forecasting, budgeting and comparisons

Accounts Receivable

Masterworks helps you to track your incoming cash flows and the relationship between you and your existing customers:

  • Perform extensive AR inquiries on specific customers
  • Analyze and make effective decisions on customer credit status, Days-to-pay forecasts, frequency of delayed payments, applicable discount rates and other special offers
  • Define collections criteria using a number of variables
  • Provide A/R statements for customers on paper or PDF electronic documents by email
  • Create a variety of reports such as Trial Balances by customer code or by sales class
  • Multiple currency processing

General Ledger

  • No forced month-end or year-end closing
  • User-defined financial statements and designs
  • Complete and detailed audit trails
  • Detailed Sub-ledger systems with roll-ups
  • Drill down transaction details

Fixed Assets

Locating and understanding what your business owns in terms of physical assets is complex due to assets moving around your enterprise. Therefore making it difficult to quote the total costs of ownership. Masterworks simplifies this tracking and accounting for you:

  • Create advanced reports illustrating detailed information about your assets
  • Multiple depreciation methods
  • General Ledger integration
  • Develop insurance summary reports