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Client Profile

Auto Camping Ltd is a distributor of aftermarket auto replacement parts to thousands of chain and independent repair operators across the country. They specialize in high end European makes of automobiles including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, SAAB and Range Rover parts. Parts are located in multiple warehouse locations in major cities. Local delivery is part of the service provided with a promise of 4 hour return time from order to part delivery. This helps Auto Camping Ltd’s customers to provide accurate time to repair quotes to their customers.

The Challenge

With over 50,000 part numbers in inventory and a national distribution network with over 20 warehouse distribution points, having the correct part available at the right location was difficult. Warehouse managers were responsible to maintain inventory levels that supported the local client base.

Clients were offered a four hour turn-a-round for delivery of parts in major urban centres. However, the web ordering system and the main distribution software database were on different platforms at different locations. Data transfers happened frequently to pass orders and inventory information in an attempt to keep the systems in sync. However, data transfer wasn’t always reliable and complete causing issues with customers delivery guarantees.

Sales staff in the field didn’t have access to customer information (CRM) or order details and needed to visit the local branch office in order to follow-up on client needs. Sales staff didn’t have accurate and up-to-date information on the customer when doing site visits.

The Solution

The systems and databases were brought together under one application database – Masterworks. The Masterworks server hosted all the warehouses and ran the eWorks ecommerce web ordering system for the repair shop customers. All the data was on one system that both the customers and warehouses accessed in real-time.

Sales Reps in the field were offered eWorks CRM system. This allows access to real-time information on a customers including a profile, current open orders and the opportunity to take orders in the field. Sales reps could increase sales by doing site visits, reviewing a customers’ on-site inventory and creating a stock replenishment order with the customer.