business-managementOrder processing is the acceptance and fulfilment of customer orders through your warehouse and shipped to your customers. Order Processing is a key function for Warehouse Distribution Sales. Give your staff the tools they need to work efficiently.

Masterworks Order Processing Features

  • Immediate system response for order processing actions – no delay to draw or calculate like other applications.
  • Extensive and detailed information screens to work with your customers.
  • Product search, inventory and payment information integrated into the Order Entry screen, not a second or third window.
  • Analyze current product needs, forecast future sales, gross margin and costs for each order and product.
  • Access hundreds of industry standard reports, with query filtering options.
  • Views to open orders by purchase order number, by sales representative, by customer, or by gross margins.
  • Run back-order analysis and release product by product code, profit, date, group or by key account.
  • Review and flag customers who are over their credit limits by a given percentage or over due days.

Masterworks order processing tools empower, motivate and encourage commitment from your staff. They will have instant access to accurate and real-time information which enables them to work quickly and accurately.