The Masterworks software by Beckard Associates is a complete Warehouse Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse Distribution and more solution. Some of the major features of the software are shown below including, warehouse management, accounting and financials, and e-commerce.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Controls for all the departments in you warehouse including:

  • Receiving planning and put-a-way of warehouse stock to SLOT locations most appropriate for your pickers
  • Warehouse productivity tracking – reporting by job function, shift and goal setting to provide performance incentives to your over-achieving warehouse staff.
  • Create Bill of Lading and Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) for EDI orders. Systems are built into the shipping confirmation process.
  • Bar code your picking and shipping documents so they can be used with scanners or terminal readers in the warehouse.
  • Automatically create shipping labels for Purolator, UPS, Canpar etc…
  • Conduct cycle counts and yearly inventory counts for your warehouse.
  • Use RF scanners or paper printed documents for picking.
  • Full search function for customer and ship to
  • Add Drop ship and Sold To assignments to the order
  • Lookup parts with codes, part codes, UPC codes, Customer Part numbers or GTIN codes.
  • Lookup parts by description or class, group or category
  • View real-time inventory across multiple warehouse
  • Prices are available as contract, customer price list, last price paid and volume discount
  • Copy orders from one to another when creating multiple shipments of the same items to different customers or different addresses.
  • Convert Quotes to orders
  • Lookup any ordered based on customer, PO, Contract, order number or part ordered.
  • Lookup last price, open quotes, back orders, sales history, committed history, shipment history on any item line
  • Add extra descriptions to any product while in Order Entry – Discounted as damaged, special notes etc….
  • Full AR integration to post sales and to control customer credit during order entry
  • Customer Order Acknowledgement created and sent via email or Fax for all confirmed orders.
  • Set cancel by dates and shipment due dates for each order
  • Manage required date, terms and discounts at the order level from order entry
  • Merge and grouping of this order onto existing orders for this ship to and this customer
  • Sales tracked on primary and secondary sales reps for each order
  • Full back order management system and release criteria for the order database
  • Order sheet can run for count sales and print receipts to in store customers
  • Order Dashboard system for order database overview and filtering by operator, sales rep, warehouse, customer, order status, etc.

Purchase Order Entry allows your procurement and inventory management staff to use smart tools to maintain the correct level of inventory of all your products.

Key features include:

  • Run Recommend to Purchase business intelligence tools to manage all you purchasing decisions and place orders based on forecast demand, mix/max, average usage rate, seasonality and product life cycle.
  • Tie a purchase order to a sales order for direct one-to-one relationships on new sales to customers.
  • You can maintain many suppliers for one product depending on local or international sourced manufacturer.
  • Search product codes by UPC, GTIN, manufacture code, supplier item code or product description.
  • Order in multiple currencies and receive goods in the currency for that warehouse.
  • Set ETA dates by line item for each item purchased. System calculated based on last 10 receipts.
  • View of history for items purchased including historical prices paid.
  • Purchase Orders are released and issued by EDI, printing, Fax, plain text email or PDF attachment document.

This application pulls all the information from purchasing, sales, inventory and costing into one location to access by staff from many departments.

  • Product information includes on hand, on order, committed and on reserve.
  • View all committed orders, uncommitted, and warehouse transfers for this product.
  • View all inventory transaction information for this product including locations, receipts, adjustments and count details.
  • Review all Lot serial tracking details including all receipts and sales data for each item.
  • Display all selling pricing information including contracts, quotes and past sales by account for this product.
  • Review sales forecasts and supplier detailed information for these items including extended descriptions.
  • The system allows you to build out new products based on current inventory items.
  • Design kits from inventory and the system will display how many completed kits can be assembled for your component parts.
  • Kits can be built from inventory and non-inventory items
  • Kit design includes labour and process details so that when you want to build and sell kits, instructions are prepared as part of the kit process for staff to assemble finished kits.
  • Labour and costing components are part of the kit creation process so you account for costs in the sale of kit items.
  • Kit details include all assembly instruction, component parts, labour and costing and waste for each kit created and sold.
  • Allows staff to make informed decisions on product purchasing by analyzing past sales and creating forecast base don min/max, past sales history, trend analysis and existing demand.
  • Auto creates purchase orders based on real demands. The system generates the order with correct quantities and pricing and staff need only review and make any known adjustments.
  • Detailed charts and tables on past sales history are available for staff to visually see the trends in product sales and inventory levels.
  • Real-time data on inventory levels across multiple warehouses can be used to generate centralized purchasing for multi warehouse organizations.
  • Forecasts can be adjusted by staff and key sales indicators given weights to help fine tune purchase decisions on select items.
  • Purchase Orders are then automatically issued via EDI, Fax, eMail Text or PDF attached document to your suppliers.

Return to Vendor system is the RMA of goods back to your supplier.

Key features of RTV include:

  • Reversal costs for each item return – posted based on the receipt these goods were first processed. This allows you to manage the return that reflects the true cost of the items being returned to your supplier.
  • Select items to be returned and the system will provide a list of all receipts recorded for that product. Staff are able to create a return based on the actual receipt for those items.
  • Once items are shipped, a credit note is posted on the supplier account for the value of the goods returned.
  • Typical RTV actions include return of outdated inventory, safety recall on products or manufacture faults that are reported by your supplier.
  • An inventory costing system allows you to manage the full cost of items you want to purchase for resell, including associated brokerage, insurance and shipping fees.
  • Inventory costing system allows you to group together all associated costs for a receipt of inventory in your warehouse.
  • Attribute shipping, brokerage, insurance and all other costs associated with bring the item into inventory.
  • Costs can be attributed by weight, by unit or as a percentage of item cost.
  • Once the associated costs are posted, these items are then allocated to you total cost of this product and added to inventory.
  • All items are available and can be sold using a standard cost but these are recalculated using FIFO or LIFO costing based on your definition.
  • The software tracks all items with standard, average and a FIFO cost.
  • This is a suite of applications that provide detailed reports of all sales activity in your company.
  • Reports can be created to paper, file, PDF or XML for further manipulation in Excel spreadsheets
  • Report filer screen are extensive and all searches on periods or life-to-date for products, customer and supplier databases. You do not need to know crystal reports to use the sales analysis system. The query screens are easy to understand and users with access can create and run reports as needed.
  • Run point of sale system in retail operations.
  • System operates on user defined tills (cash drawers) and dedicated receipt printer for counter sales in a retail environment.
  • Shift sales reports for till reconciliation by staff.
  • Custom Brand Logo’s from standard Epson receipt printers.
  • POS entry system can also include wholesale and special accounts for sale on credit.
  • The software will provide several layers of security for you and your staff, including.
  • Access by option number or by department.
  • Access controls for individual fields within an applications.
  • Access control to companies, divisions and warehouses.
  • System access is controlled at the server with strict user rights on the network.
  • Full server security and network security controls are included in the software.

Accounting / Financials

  • System is fully audit able – from the initial transaction to the final GL posting. All details on documents, users and dates are reported.
  • Fully integrated with Distribution system. As orders are shipped, customer accounts are invoiced. No customer can exceed the credit you set without manager overrides.
  • You can run multi company, multi Division and with unlimited profit centres. Statements can be by company or combined for a corporate overview. Allows you to create your own Custom statements.

The accounts Payable system manages all the payments for goods and services from your suppliers.
This includes:

  • posting of invoices for payment with payment due dates.
  • Cash requirements reporting and review of due payments.
  • Bank reconciliation system to post all cleared items and bank fees.
  • Laser cheque printing, including MICR coding, for multi bank accounts and multi company operations.
  • Municipal and Federal tax calculations and reporting for payment submission.
  • Trail balance and month end balance reporting.

This set of applications manages all activity in the account management and collection of monies from your clients, including:

  • Receivable entry to post payments on accounts
  • Order Approval system to manage the release of orders for clients that exceed credit worthiness
  • A collections system to help staff review and collect on outstanding accounts
  • A Customer Statement generation program for reporting to customers the invoices paid and owed on a regular basis.
  • Credit limit management and controls, so you can set credit rules and ally them to all accounts
  • Full set of electronic documents that can be issued by email PDF on invoices and statements

MasterWorks general ledger system allow for multi division and multi branch postings. The system includes individual reporting by divisions or consolidated reporting for multi division enterprises.

Features include:

  • Sub-ledger system that allows you to roll up many accounts to one master account.
  • Recurring journal entry posting, to allow automate reoccurring processes.
  • Forecasted and actual budgets, with year over year comparison.
  • Custom designed Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements for your company.
  • No forced Month End or Year End processes with 12 or 13 periods per year.


  • Real Time Inventory Reporting – Customers see information that is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Detailed Product Catalog – Product lists can be view in several ways, by product code, by vendor, by key words or by drill-down though product categories. These are all automatically created on the web through your in house classifications in MasterWorks.
  • Security – You limit what products, groups and categories are available on your web site by simple controls in MasterWorks. You can also limit customers’ access to specific areas of the site.
  • Customer Specific Features – Customers can create their own shopping lists of commonly ordered products and then use these lists to select products to order from your site again and again.
  • Detailed Information for your Customers – Customers can see open orders, past invoices, shipping dates and times and products that are on back order. Customers can reprint these documents directly from their browser.