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We handle transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When you operate on that scale, you need a robust system that you can count on. We’ve found that in MasterWorks.
Jim Richardson, President, National Focus Distribution

The Challenge

A supplier to the top retail chain operators across the country, National Focus Distribution must always keep pace with the demands of the major retail big box stores: companies like Wal-Mart, Sears, The Bay, Grand and Toy, London Drugs, Staples and Business Depot – to name just a few of hundreds of major retail chains depending on National Focus.

Hundreds of customers means thousands of daily transactions: ordering, receiving, payments, and shipping. To keep up with these enormous demands National Focus needed a better way to communicate.

The Solution

Beckard Associates helped National Focus introduce Electronic Distribution Interface (EDI) -cutting communication cost and radically increasing the speed of transactions. National Focus implemented a full set of EDI transaction documents with all of its major trading partners, allowing the company to handle all its daily transactions automatically – without entering any orders manually.

Even without order entry staff, National Focus now communicates seamlessly with its partners, handling transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Both National Focus and its customers receive electronic confirmation of all shipments via EDI – no more questions about whether goods have arrived or have been lost in transit. The condition of the goods received is automatically verified and confirmed with both the customer and the distributor. Even payment for goods is managed by EDI – with funds directly deposited to the bank account of the distributor and notification of payment details sent to both parties.

The Results

By automating common business activities, National Focus was able to cut to a fraction both transaction time and costs. Not only were labour costs significantly reduced but customer relationships were also improved, thanks to greater accuracy and speed of delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Faster payment and better cash flow for the distributor – no more waiting for paper to flow through the system
  • Fewer errors due to automation
  • Easy tracking and tracing of information for both the distributor and the retailer. All documents are in standardized international format and available for free.
  • Inexpensive to operate. Once the exchange is written and tested by both parties, transfers are automated and require no further handling.
  • Closer relationships. These exchanges add value to business relations, providing an effective tie between distributor and retailer.