Global Logistics Consulting

Like anything complex, the art of distribution requires considerable knowledge and skill to master. That’s why we include logistics consulting services as part of every Masterworks installation.

Learn how to increase productivity while lowering costs. Configure your system for maximum contribution from your suppliers and employees. Guarantee that your operation is always running at peak performance.

eCommerce Consulting

Many organizations have websites – but fail to unleash the power of a web presence linked to their brick and mortar business. Web consulting at Beckard Associates means taking full advantage of the internet.

Radically cut staffing costs by providing real-time information on the web. Empower employees, clients, and suppliers to access the data they need, when they need it. Increase revenues through a well-designed e-commerce site.

We can help you design your web presence in a way that leverages your core capabilities. We can also help you host your site internally, streamlining operations and saving money.