Opportunities for ERP Data Management

Unless you pull out a calendar and do a little internet research, the speed at which change happens in technology can be difficult to see. New products are introduced almost every day and these changes happen in incremental doses rather than big revolutions.

Technology Creeps Foreword

There are many small advancements introduced in each new model of TV, phone and PC that are difficult to see. Over time however, these small changes become visible and are sometimes big leaps are clear when you look at things over the longer period. Five years ago a PC, cell phone or a TV had very few of today’s standard features and of course the size and price of these units has been getting smaller.

Nokia 5110

Five years ago a cell phone was used for making phone calls and maybe some text messaging on the early Black Berry’s BBM service. The phone had very few other features and was much more bulky compared to today’s modem slim cell phone.

Advance five years and look at the current iPhone or Samsung smart phones with a large touch screens, on-screen keyboards and light slim design. These new devices are a mini-computer and not just a cell phone.

Now people can pick up a cell phone and have access to cell calls, emails, text messaging, document management and full web browser access from almost anywhere.

These major advancements in design and technology have allowed other devices to morph as well. Five years ago scanners for warehouse automation process were heavy, bulky and expensive, much like the Nokia phone – but not anymore.

Now the technology advancements of the cell phone industry have allowed manufactures to create tools that can perform the functions of a big scanner unit without the traditional bulk and weight.

Honeywell has introduced the first scanner that takes advantage of many of these modern cell phone enhancements in technology, smaller size and lower price and adapted them for use in the modern wholesale distribution environment– the Dolphin Black. To learn more about the Honeywell hardware, you can view their website here.

These units are major leap forward from traditional handheld computers with scan functions. They incorporate a smaller size, better functionality and powerful operating system, using the Android OS or Windows Embedded Handheld.

These units have a web browser and WiFi internet capabilities. This allows you to run application programs on the device and use the scanner to capture the data you need from a warehouse or showroom environment.

In addition to reducing the size and weight of the unit, Honeywell has been able to price the hardware more like a phone than a mobile computer. The price for these scanners range from $700 to $900 dollars compared to a personal hand-held computer that may run $1,500 to $2,400 dollars depending on the features.

By keeping the price low, these units can now be implemented in more areas of the workplace where previously, cost may have been a prohibiting factor for the introduction of new technology. Showrooms, display areas, trade show booths and many more environments can now make use of portable hand held devices to help staff collect product and customer data and interact with the company information system.

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