Web based inventory management software is designed to run in a browser.  It offers you and your staff many more ways to service your customers, engage your prospects and to manage your daily operations. Here are 5 ways web based inventory management software can improve your productivity:

1. Get up and running quickly

Web based systems are graphically rich and easy to use – just point and click!  Staff are very familiar with how to use a web browser.  Web pages are something we typically access often and with little to no training. Web based inventory systems are designed to be intuitive and can be learned quickly. The pages offer clean and simple menus and tables with clickable tabs help you navigate around the applications.  They typically include product photos, detailed charts and graphs that help you see business activity differently than just looking at pages of numbers.

2. Use the hardware you have nowmain_pc_blue1

You don’t need any special hardware, expensive new PC’s or installation of software products to access web based inventory management systems. Web ERP software can be used on the devices you have now. This means that the existing desktop PC’s will run just fine with you new software.  You are also able to run systems on a Microsoft platform using one of there main browsers for windows – but your Apple users will be happy to run the software in the Apple browser, Safari.   As long as the software has been certified for various browser functions,  you can use almost any device to connect to your office business system.

If your staff have smartphones or tablets, you can use these tools to access the web based applications. Staff can walk around the warehouse with smartphones and look-up inventory. That is much more meaningful than sitting at your desk imagining the inventory. Staff can run applications that allow them to see and inquire on receipts, low inventory or even special order items while cycling though the warehouse bin locations from the warehouse floor. No special hand-held scanners are required.

3. Out of Office Access

Go on vacation and leave your laptop at home. If you staying at a hotel or resort, you can use the WIFI access points to connect to your office from a tablet or your smart phone. Enterprise ERP systems and inventory management software built for a browser use something called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates to protect your communications. This certificate encodes the communications over the public internet. Just like you now connect to your bank, you can connect to your company ERP system, securely from any PC. laptop tablet or phone with a browser. All the data is passed between your local machine and the server using this secure tunnel.

4. Web based applications are more accessible for more users.mobile people

By using a browser to access your business information, you have a few more options to improve the experience for users. You can change the style and size of font for web based systems without having to change any code. This allows staff to have a more personalized and functional interaction with the software. If eyesight is limited, the screen and font can easily be made bigger. Web based inventory management and ERP software systems can help many people with disabilities to become more productive in the workplace.

5. The browser is the new PC.

The web browser not only allows access to your data, but it supports many of other tasks you may want to include in your work day. That PDF quote that you need for a prospect, pictures of the damaged containers you have on the dock floor, mapping a route to your client’s office, screen captures of new products you need to buy. By being mobile and using your table or smart phone and web based inventory management software, the tools are all easily accessible and in one application – the browser. You ERP software is likely already taking advantage of the tools a browser can perform and stores product photos and PDF business forms for you to access and use in your day.

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