Hi Everyone;

You should now have formulated and started execution of your company COVID-19 Action Plan. You will have little warning or planning time once an area for quarantine is announced. It is expected that 70% of the population could be affected in an uncontrolled outbreak.

Both Italy and the Taiwan area around the same size and both have first world healthcare. The COVID-19 virus has hit both these countries however the actions put in place by each country was different and the outcome and effects of the outbreak is dramatically different. Taiwan aggressively quarantined areas and had mass testing and isolation protocols in place. Italy was slow to react to their outbreak and the virus was allowed to speed significantly before public health took appropriate action. Emergency rooms across Italy are overrun and the COVID-19 spread is extensive, requiring many hospitalizations all at the same time.

Be like Taiwan – listen to your local public health authorities and follow instructions.

Our goal is to Flatten the Curve.


If we act, we can reduce the impact on our healthcare system:

  • Follow the recommendations of your Provincial Heath Authority.
  • Wash Your hands while singing Happy Birthday – twice.
  • Self Isolate if sick. If you’re in contact with someone who tests positive – You need to self isolate.
  • Cancel all international travel and local large gatherings.

Here in Toronto, we already have several businesses that have asked staff to work remotely. You and your team should have already tested your VPN access, connections and contact sheets needed to work remotely.

Please contact us if you need some help with your plan.

Like a boy scout – Be Prepared, and as your Mom told you: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Be Safe