The right products in the right quantity at the right time!

Accounting, Inventory Management and CRM – all in one software! arrow_red_curved_down-Copy

  • Eliminate billing errors with strong order to invoice controls
  • Keep the right amount of product for the right sales cycles with inventory management and purchasing tools. Reduce overall inventory levels and fill more orders on-time.
  • Fast and varied data entry methods: Keyboard, Flat File, EDI and WEB Forms. So your staff can work faster and smarter.
  • Drill-down data screens to see all the details behind your numbers.
  • Reports can be printed to Excel, so you can manipulate your data the way you want it.
  • Eliminate printing by using our Electronic Document Management system. Safe, on-line storage of your documents. Save money by emailing PDF POs, Invoices and Statements for suppliers and customers.
Everytime I’ve called, I’ve spoken with a live human being within 30 seconds. Everyone should be as awesome as your are at customer support.
The Masterworks suite from Beckard Associates provides solutions for all aspects of our business. In particular, the integration of 3rd party shipping platforms into the Masterworks software is a huge time-saver!
Jamie Courtney, Augsburg Fortress Canada
The MasterWorks software is user friendly. The team at Beckard have created some customized software for us in addition to standard MasterWork modules. They are always quick and reasonable and easy to deal with. They are extremely knowledgeable and are able to train and explain the software even to people with limited computer skills and knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beckard Associates.
Aaron Nisker, Wayne Safety
I use the system everyday, both from my office and access while on the road. I like the speed and detailed information it provides to allow me to make decisions on my business.
Mauro Folco, Canmade Furniture
We handle transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When you operate on that scale, you need a robust system that you can count on. We’ve found that in Masterworks.
Jim Richardson, National Focus Distribution
Overall very happy with the system. If we have any issues or need customized reports, the team at Beckard Associates always come through for us. Customer service was the most important factor for us when choosing a software to help manage our business.
Antonietta Cesario, Tiles Plus Ltd
Over the past 10 plus years we have managed unparalleled growth with MasterWorks Distribution Software. The complete, fully integrated system has given us the tools needed to manage our inventory, sales, receivables, and our sales and marketing databases. The system paid for itself in no time! Need I say more?
Mike Squizzato, Hettich Canada
Been running the system for the past 5 years without an issue. The application software supports all of our business management and sales needs and the staff of this company offer excellent support of the software. I would recommend this to other companies in Wholesale Distribution industry.
Dougles Brown, Enterprise Distribution