The Paperless office – are we any closer?

Twenty years ago everyone was talking about the paperless office. With the introduction of personal computers, email attachments, electronic document delivery and relatively inexpensive server storage, we were expected to be part of the paperless office revolution. It never happened. Twenty years on and there is still a large amount of paper being generated and [...]

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Warehouse Barcode Scanners

Opportunities for ERP Data Management Unless you pull out a calendar and do a little internet research, the speed at which change happens in technology can be difficult to see. New products are introduced almost every day and these changes happen in incremental doses rather than big revolutions. Technology Creeps Foreword There are many small [...]

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ERP Warehouse Operations using Smart Phone Hardware

As advancements in smart phone technology create cheaper and more powerful devices, manufactures of scanner hardware have been taking notice and developing their own solutions to the issues of cost, weight and bulky size of hand-held scanner hardware. Honeywell has developed a new scanner unit called the Dolphin Black. It looks just like your iPhone, [...]

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