Marketing Lessons – Target’s Big Mistakes

In January, American retail superstore Target announced it will discontinue all operations in Canada and are in the process of closing all its 133 locations as well as laying off over 17,500 workers. Hundreds of millions of dollars of inventory will be cleared in a liquidation sale with items marked down by 30 per cent [...]

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Is your business software holding you back?

When you started out, Simply Accounting or Quickbooks seemed like the best solution for your business needs. Now you have some doubts. Is your business software holding you back? One moment please Listen to what staff are saying in your office about the software they use. Do they complain about the lack of speed and performance? Has [...]

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How many order processing errors are you making?

A perfect order has the right product, in the right quantity and it was delivered at the right time. We are all aiming for this but sometimes we fall short and it can be costly. Order processing errors typically result in the products being returned and credit issues. This all takes up valuable staff time and [...]

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