Forget about Google’s car… I want these on my roads!

There has been alot of news reports on the development of the self driving car being designed by Google.  This is very impressive technology and creative design that will make the roads safer for all drivers.  But are cars the biggest problem on our roads?  I live in North America's fourth largest city and the [...]

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5 Tips for Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning

Deploying an enterprise resource planning system to maximize your monetary and time investment can be one of the best moves your small warehouse business can make. Here are some tips on how you can improve overall efficiency of your ERP software. 1. Make a clear and extensive list of requirements Before shopping for the right [...]

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Beckard Associates’ New Website Launched

Beckard Associates is excited to announce our newly designed website! Some of the many great features that we have introduced: A new modern design that brings easy navigation and eye popping aesthetics to improve the user's experience, mirroring the stance in our products on bringing the best for our customers. Integration with social media, including [...]

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