When you started out, Simply Accounting or Quickbooks seemed like the best solution for your business needs. Now you have some doubts. Is your business software holding you back?

One moment please

Listen to what staff are saying in your office about the software they use. Do they complain about the lack of speed and performance? Has the system become the office kick toy? Your staff rely on the software to perform their work but each report request or look-up is delayed. Even a one second delay in the system is noticeable to users and can be frustrating. Delays in the responsiveness of you system become an obstacle to staff performing their jobs effectively. I was on a call yesterday with someone and waited five seconds for them to pull my account up – five seconds is a long pause. The service representative felt they needed to apologize for taking up my time. Their system is slow. How much time is wasted and how much frustration is building in your office?

The office Excel Guru is your new best friend

Microsoft Excel

Does it take hours of cut and paste in Excel to get the information your need? Are you downloading tables from your software, only to insert then into Excel sheets for analysis? How many saved spreadsheet templates do you and your staff manage to collect the right information?  Real-time analysis from your software is key for making informed decisions. Spreadsheet data takes time to assemble, requires skill to calculate and may be riddled with errors. The business information software should be generating these reports for all your users – not just the Excel masters.

Does your business still run on paper?

Stack of Paper

Does your office still run on paper?  Are staff moving forms from desk to desk to get the next process completed? “Give these to Accounts Receivable, so they can Invoice”. The system should know these items were shipped. Using a business information system to matches the operational flow of your organization can help you reduce your costs, reduce errors in entry and save time in billing your customers. That is what good software is all about. Enter it once and the information, not the paper, should automatically follow the processes in your organization.

Simply Accounting and Quickbooks provide good tools for basic accounting needs in small companies. Just be aware that your business needs may have grown up and past the ability of these tools.

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