The internet world is evolving and Google is giving it a push.

Google is offering a ranking incentive for businesses to upgrade from hypertext transfer protocol (http) to hypertext to hypertext protocol secure (https) because they want to make the internet a safer place. Thus rewarding webmasters who make the switch to receive a higher search result. However, not everyone knows what this means for their website if they switch to https, so here is what you need to know:

It’s not a big ranking boost

Switching to https will not move your website from 4 to 3, but you will see a tiny traffic boost to your URL. Behind the scenes, switching to https with boost your overall ranking algorithm and will soon be an quintessential part of 21st century computer security.

You must upgrade ALL your URLs

Google is on a per URL basis which means you must upgrade to https for each shortcut on your page see the boost in traffic. This is great if you want to test out how much of a boost you will receive on the search.

Google’s Change of Address Tool Not Supported

When switching from http to https it is recommended you use Google Webmaster Tools, however Google does not support address migration…yet. there is no estimated time on its availability. However, you can also use a 301 redirect which would successfully communicate the migration signal.